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A grandson tries to buy the corpse of Lenin on eBay for his Communist grandfather. A failed wunderkind steals a golden cross from an Orthodox church. A boy meets his cousin (the love of his life) once every five years in the river that divides their village into east and west. These are Miroslav Penkov’s strange, unexpectedly moving visions of his home country, Bulgaria, and they are the stories that make up his charming, deeply felt debut collection.

In East of the West, Penkov writes with great empathy of centuries of tumult; his characters mourn the way things were and long for things that will never be. But even as they wrestle with the weight of history, with the debt to family, with the pangs of exile, the stories in East of the West are always light on their feet, animated by Penkov’s unmatched eye for the absurd.

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the history of Bulgaria
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На Изток от Запада (Сиела 2011)

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Narrated by Gareth Armstrong, Jane Collingwood, Thomas Judd, Patrick Moy, Hugh Ross


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"... one of the most exciting debut collections in recent memory."
                              -- The Boston Globe

"... Penkov's teeming stories accomplish in phrases what lesser writers take chapters to convey... a collection of triumphs
                              -- The LA Times

"... This is a sparkling collection.."
                              -- The Guardian

"... These stories are not the promising work of a first-time author. They are already a promise fulfilled--wise, bright, and deep with sympathy."
                              -- The New Republic

heart-crushingly funny, stereotype-splattering creations..."
                              -- Interview Magazine

An unapologetic love letter to a culture of many colors."
                                    -- Kirkus Review

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